Who we are

Alliance Community Services (ACS) is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization that provides community services and promotes cultural awareness, advocacy and communication about issues that affect the underserved communities. Founded in 2002, Alliance Community Services is a leader in reaching the Hispanic community.


Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, ACS is a nationally recognized, innovative organization specializing in the delivery of health and human services to the Hispanic community in Utah. Our staff members are professionals from diverse multi-ethnic backgrounds with vast experience in facilitating and delivering health and human services, collaborating in strategic research, planning, education, and promoting grassroots involvement. This blend of skills and cultural backgrounds makes ACS unique in providing services in a culturally sensitive manner and maintaining our commitment to  serve the community. 


ACS strategies include:


  • Delivering information linguistically appropriate to Hispanics 

  • Providing educational seminars

  • Partnering with Hispanic organizations

  • Promoting monthly newsletters and announcements

  • Participating in Hispanic civic events and health fairs

  • Working in communities, churches, schools and after-school programs

  • Collaborating Hispanic media, (social media, TV, newspaper, magazines, and radio)




5280 South Commerce Drive, Suite E-140

Salt lake City, Utah 84107

Phone: 801-265-1111

Email: info@Alliance-community.org




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