One of our most important programs is our Latina Breast Health Navigation Program we call SUMA, whose aim is to increase awareness of the life-saving benefits of early screening and treatment for breast cancer, to facilitate access for Hispanic women to free or low-cost breast cancer treatment if required, to assist them with free transportation and interpretation/translation related to help them keep their breast screening appointments, and to refer them to other community resources as needed. We do this for women with and without health insurance. This Navigation/screening program has proven very successful, as we have helped increase the Hispanic rate of screening from 49% to 74%, facilitating over 26,000 clinical exams or mammograms and identifying 63 cases of breast cancer among this population.

Education about breast and cervical cancer prevention and early detection. Facilitates referrals for free or low cost screening, mammograms and papanicolau. Provides free trasportations, interpretation and other navigation services.


Mammography and Papanicolaou Test


Hispanic women experience many barriers that delay their access to treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer. These barriers include inadequate insurance, poor access to health care, lack of transportation, language barriers, limited understanding regarding their diagnosis and treatment options, and lack of familiarity with the U.S health care system.


The Latina Breast Health Navigation Program is an outreach and educational initiative, which promotes the importance of routine clinical breast exams, annual mammograms and monthly self-breast exams to uninsured and low-income Hispanic women. ACS Navigators assist women to have access to free and low cost Clinical Breast Exam and mammography screening. ACS efforts are through our partnership with the Utah Department of Health and local healthcare providers in order to ensure access to free or low cost resources.



Many of the women who could benefit from breast health services are not aware that affordable or free services exist. Lack of transportation is a barrier and a concern for low-income women who must find a way to travel across town to receive a screening exam.  Along with a dedication to overcoming the barriers to preventive services within the Hispanic community, ACS provides free transportation to our clients to fulfill their appointments for annual breast screening.

Interpretation services


Furthermore, basic education about women’s health and breast cancer is complicated by health care barriers including language, culture, or perceptions of traditional health care settings. A study completed by the Utah Department of Health shows that in Utah one way to promote increased screening and timely treatment is through Patient Navigation. In order to ensure that our patients obtain Clinical Breast Exams and mammograms we coordinate with our collaborating health providers to obtain free or low cost mammograms and CBEs. To make sure they keep their appointments we call (for reminders) our patients and  eliminate barrier by offering free interpretation services if needed.

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