Our associates continue to collaborate in the implementation of our programs and our commitment to improving the lives of the Hispanic/Latino Community
  • Ana Jane Arroyo, Consultant

  • Marlene Gonzalez, BS, JD

  • Ana Sanchez Birkhead, RN, WHNP, PhD

  • Laverne Snow, MPA

  • Ken Embley, University of Utah Center for Public Policy

  • Gabriela Cetrola, LCSW

  • Martha Mandujano, BA, PA

  • Maritza S. Arce-Larreta, APRN-BCS, MS, RN

  • Karla Arroyo, CSW

  • Alicia Narvaez Horner, PhD

  • Renato Salts, MD

  • Rita Ballesteros, RN, MS, RD

  • Sherrie Vaughn, SLVHD

  • Susan Beck, PhD

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Salt lake City, Utah 84107

Phone: 801-265-1111

Email: info@Alliance-community.org




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